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Why Agents Join PPG


As a wife and a mother, I am very busy. I was scared of the time that it would take to switch companies — the website, signs, cards, directionals, notecards. It all takes time from my family and my business to change (companies). However, this transition was so much smoother than I ever dreamed of. The support that is provided is top-notch and the marketing department is a dream to work with. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The camaraderie at this company is what I have wished for my entire career. It truly feels like home. Honestly, the only thing I regret is not joining this PPG family sooner.

Jessica Christopherson
Real Estate Broker

We have been with Premiere Property Group since 2011. This company has literally changed our lives. We work when we want, with who we want. We travel like never before and are debt-free. We are forever grateful for the opportunities and success this company has poured into our lives. Thank you, Premiere Property Group, for your support and for making us ‘free’ through your profit sharing program. You are changing lives and there is no greater opportunity than being with the fastest-growing, most innovative firm in the Portland metro area.

Jamie and Steve Alves
Principal Brokers

Premiere Property Group provides cutting-edge technology, offices and training. The support we receive from our principal brokers, co-workers and industry partners is rock solid. What’s not to like? Since your fees don’t go toward national brand advertising and corporate headquarters in New York City, you pay less and get more for your local dollar. Premiere Property Group has a big footprint in the Northwest and it is getting bigger by the month. Don’t hesitate, learn more about PPG today.

Stephen FitzMaurice
Real Estate Broker

As a Realtor in the PDX Metro area since 2007 there were many reasons I moved my business to Premiere Property Group, LLC. The Marketing Platform was at the top of that list. I love what I do, but preparing the marketing for my listings was incredibly time consuming taking away from my time with my clients and prospecting for new business and choosing the right professionals to help me achieve today's digital technology expectations was overwhelming. By utilizing Premiere's Marketing Platform in as little as five minutes I can customize my marketing plan for each listing with access to a multitude of options from professional photography to beautiful print pieces, a 3-D Walk Through Showcase, an informative, attractive video with music, a tour guide and drone coverage and more all from one webpage with a few clicks of a button and know that Premiere has already chosen the best professionals to provide these services for me and my clients with a group rate pricing in place making it all more affordable than I could achieve on my own. From there I simply submit a Features Sheets filled out by my seller and be sure the photographer has access and viola, the most impressive marketing possible is delivered in just a few days and most importantly with just a few minutes of my time!  My sellers (and prospective sellers) are always impressed!

Angi Ford
Real Estate Broker

I believe the narrated Video Tours and the 3-D Dollhouse Tour are truly a Buyer's first showing. It's a convenient, time saver for Buyers, Sellers and their Realtors. I know I'm providing the best exposure for my listings and the most professional marketing available for my clients. The high quality 4-page glossy print brochures, the home business card, and the DVD slideshow is icing on the cake for showings, it shows prospective Sellers the level of service I provide as they tour my listings and it shows my Sellers I am invested in selling their home for top dollar. 

Susan Wand
Principal Broker

Before coming to PPG, I used to coordinate all of my own marketing. Photographers, Videographers, Printing - Oh My! Now, I simply log into the PPG Marketing portal, order all of my marketing on easy website, and BAM - my marketing coordination is complete!   All for a price equal to or less than I had been paying to do it on my own. It’s a phenomenal resource, and I LOVE being able to brag about MY Marketing Department when I go on a listing appointment. AND, my SELLERS LOVE IT TOO…

Jeffry D Wiren
Principal Broker

The Reviewing Brokers at PPG are awesome. They always return my calls even during the evenings when I have urgent questions about a sale or listing. It’s like having a lawyer on speed dial!!! You rock PPG.

Carol Gronvold
Real Estate Broker

The Reviewing Broker Team has provided fast and thorough answers each time I have contacted them - even during nights and weekends! I’m very confident in all of their abilities to give me accurate information. The fact that I can rely on several brokers gives me assurance that I won’t be left hanging with a time-sensitive issue. Great team of reviewing brokers with extensive knowledge and experience!

Carli Weckerly
Real Estate Broker

I have been an Oregon Realtor for 39 years which includes a period of owning a small Real Estate Company in Gresham. Never have I found a real estate company that comes close to providing the outstanding platform from which I can be a better and precise Realtor best serving my clients with systems that are beyond any others.  The opportunities that PPG offers for each agent to showcase their listings are superior. All of PPG technology is state of the art, and just beyond anyone else. Being with PPG makes me a better Realtor.

Suzi Finucane
Principal Broker

I teamed with Premiere Property Group because of their marketing expertise, technology edge, and client dedication. They have a business model that is exactly what I was looking for. I joined this group as a new broker and I was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support I received. My colleagues truly care about my success and I love them for that.

John McKay
Real Estate Broker

My change to Premiere Property Group was well thought out. It is a progressive, forward-thinking company that keeps the focus on where it should be—its Brokers. PPG has the latest technology and tools. The staff supports you and mentors you. They are like a Silent Partner to help you grow your business, without all the astronomical fees other brokers charge you, while offering the same benefits.

Jill Stocking
Real Estate Broker

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