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Premiere Property Group

Premiere Property Group

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Why Agents Join PPG

Broker Concierge

Enjoy Concierge-Level Services For An Easy Transition to PPG

You've probably thought about switching to another real estate brokerage, but the thought of having to move your license, change websites and untangle all of your marketing materials might feel overwhelming. Will your business suffer during this transition process? Is it all worth it?

We understand that your time is valuable and change is hard, that's why we have a Broker Concierge team at Premiere Property Group who will guide you through the process. Just like a hotel concierge, our professional staff knows how to get you up-and-running quickly and seamlessly. After all, when we've on-boarded over 1000 brokers while studying the transition process with an eye for improvement, we are bound to become incredibly efficient at this process.


Bring your smart phone, tablet and laptop to a two-hour, personalized meeting with your PPG Broker Concierge. She/he will follow a meticulous checklist that ensures everything a broker needs done for a smooth transition is completed prior to your leaving that meeting.

  • Instruction on transferring listings
  • Email, printer and scanner set up on all your devices
  • Ordering signage, business cards, etc.
  • After-hours access to any of our offices
  • and much more!

You will also receive a Broker Passport, which can be used as your personal check-list and includes every step you need to take to ensure a successful transition.

What brokers
Are Saying

I have never switched companies before coming to PPG. I was nervous about the process and concerned that important items would be overlooked in the transition. I met with my Broker Concierge and she skillfully walked me through all of the details of transferring my business to PPG. There’s a HUGE difference between simply “moving your license” to a new company versus transferring your business. PPG’s Broker Concierges are Experts in the area of helping agents Transfer their Business. If you’re thinking of making the switch, now is the time and PPG has the resources to help make it smooth and successful.

Jeffry D. Wiren
Principal Broker